Sell Ruby Marbury?

Im def getting Trae, Starbury was running my bench PG, replace or move to SG?

Current Bench:
Starbury PG
Kendall Gill +gold posterizer SG
RIP Hammy SF
Kristaps PF

Bro how could you even think bout puttin marbury at SG … That man will get eaten up :rofl::rofl: Id say get rid of him


lol his position says SG

LOL yeah cuz 2k is mentally challenged if you just found out… Mans is 6"2 he can barely play PG :rofl:

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Sell sell sell

Last I checked he was 6 foot even because 2K switched his profile with Iverson!

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Yeah what a great game we all love :rofl::skull: Atleast 2k doesn’t let me down cuz i know there will always be something wrong :joy: