Sell players now before crash?

I’m sitting on around 30k MT and was thinking of selling my high value cards before the crash to buy them back later maybe to make some MT.

98 Kobe, 99 Tmac, 98 Lebron, 99 Baron . Should I sell all now ? 98 Kobe I remember was BIN last week when Tmac dropped , now he’s over 100k again.

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I could see not selling LeBron since he cannot be pulled from packs anymore but the rest of them are certainly fine to sell if you feel like the market is going to crash.


I don’t think it make much sense cause you need to calculate the 10 % tax when you sell the cards and the cards you mentioned are selling for a little above 100 k.

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Good point , I basically have Everyone I want . I guess I might just feel tempted to jump on the shiny new cards coming out

Doesn’t change that much this days.
One thing is a 10% tax, other- that we gonna have this crashes twice a week now.

And like PTV said,keep Lebron- maybe future duo with Wade will rise his price a bit.

Yea Keep Bron and sell all throwback cards,already sold all of my throwback cards xept T-Mac

I got Diamond Klay during last crash for 48k now he’s selling for no less than 70k… I’m assuming during this next crash he will drop again to like 50k

Bron went for 127k for me yesterday, and when they drop duo packs if he has a duo with Wade his price will not fare well