Sell PG before Friday?

Bought him for 410k afraid his price will plummet

His price plummeting forsure forsure. We’re in the endgame now fam. Try not to worry about the prices too much if you fw him just keep him. It’s a game at the end of the day especially end of cycle just keep who you like


But if you don’t mind letting him go put him up to end around 8-10est. & try to do it asap

Man you guys think he will be lower than 400? I might hold out another week or two before buying then lol. Haven’t seen any under 500 on ps4 since Sunday

Consider the galaxy opals they dropped Friday + the remainder of anni3 he’s forsure dropping

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Patience is key I guess. Been wanting to pick him up since he dropped but his price is still pretty high

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It’s been said before but prices are going nowhere but down from here. You’ll have him soon!:relieved::fist:t2::fist:t2: