Sell PD Yao?

I just got the Yao card off of TTO should I sell ASAP, or wait a few hours to see if his value increases?

his value will most likely decrease. Id wait to see by how much

Do y’all think he will ever permanately be a buy now 100k?

Yep i rather hold to see if his price will increase when the duo is announced

He’s a BIN right now???

10k on xbox.

Nah not yet, just wondering if I should put him up for 100k to make the quick profit. He shouldn’t dip below bin right?

I’d like to think that he’d stay over 100k. I’m not bothered what amount I get for him as long as it is over 100k

He should still go for 140K at least I’d think, he’s going to be rare


Wassup with this contract glitch, 2k stealing more than 1 contract a game then telling you you’re team don’t have contracts when they have 2 on them… pure fuckery I’m dealing with

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People will be selling him all day for bin prices… just wait a little bit, kobe/all star promo will kill his value unless they come out with no centers

So sell now is what ur saying? If his Value is about to rank?

After that promo is should go up

I’m selling now. Rather get my 100k or more before he possibly goes down. That’s just me though. There’s always a risk and we can’t guarantee what will happen tomorrow figuratively speaking

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I don’t see him going under 100k for long, he’s one of the best centers in the game, and even when they did thisnfor harden his price went back up the next day


I feel you. Saw him selling for 140-160 when he was available. If I get anything over 100k I’m happy. I already had him with a shoe. This was all profit for me

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Yeah I’m sat on 500k waiting for all star weekend so I wasn’t even going to use this Yao card I just want to make as much MT off of him as possible

What’s his price at on PS4 atm?