Sell PD Magic for PD Ben Simmons?

Also thinking about selling my PD Bird for PD Kawhi just to switch my lineup around.

How’s that Simmons tho?

Do u shoot a lot with magic. If so then keep magic. But pd simmons is a bad ass. I just dont rely on his 3pt ability. He surprises me every now and then. But driving wise and finishing simmons is miles better

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I only pull up occasionally for the 3 ball with Magic. Mainly to see what I can get away with!! Simmons looks like a damn beast though…I mainly play against friends nowadays and they all have Magic and Bird as well, got to say I’m getting tired of playing against teams alike

If you know how to use magic (like irl) Simmons just doesn’t have the animations to comapre

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This is so perfect, I had to slow down and almost relearn how to use him, he’s a dime throwing tank


IMO Simmons is the better Supermax player, but it’s the end of the year, and Magic, to me at least, is the most fun card in the game.


Good call kid!

I’m over supermax at this point I’m buying players I like


Me too, just added Curry cuz hes fun as hell, Im hoping his shooting makes up for his defense.

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Simmons better driving and dunking animations. If youre a supersweat player and rely on blowbys then simmons is your guy.

If you run plays then go with magic


I use Magic to run my A squad, and Simmons to run my B squad. I like having to make the defense adjust between the two all game, because I use them totally differently.

If I have to pick one, it’s always going to be Magic. His post game, even in 2K18 where the post game sucks, is the most unstoppable in 2K. It is also practically equalizer-proof, if you know what you’re doing.

But I also thoroughly enjoy dunking all over people with Simmons.


Hakeem is the only post player better than Magic this year, in my opinion.

I have honestly have fun run a small guard against Simmons LeBron giannis etc at point

If you are good at drive animations and plays you can shake the size

As far as scoring from the post, I’m sure Hakeem is better and more versatile. What Magic brings is a mismatch 90% of the time, and HOF Dimer/Flashy Passer if the D collapses - That mixed with an easy hook shot set him apart from every other card for me.

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Post is underrated. You can tell by the defenders position if you can sneak in a post spin and the drop step is still OP with the right players like Shaq

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Hakeem feels so fluid in the post too

This is very true. I was a post scorer in 2k17 and I learned how to play the post and can pretty much easily score on anyone who can’t guard the paint. And Hakeem has the best post moves but Shaq and his drop step is deadly… and ones for days

Alot of noobs are mad jumpy too which is easy buckets

Barbecue Chicken

Magic used to bring a mismatch. Now everyone owns a magic lol

But he doesnt have 99 3 ball or driving dunk so he prob doesnt start

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