Sell PD KD for PD George?

Should I pull this trade?

Personally I’d keep KD

I tried him… didnt really work it, plus i heard PG13 is better

PG got better D but i like KD animations way more. down to pref to be honest both are great.

But new KD gonna be better than PG for sure ( i hope so )

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For some reason, PG bricks for me. I much prefer KD.


Same here

KD is annoyingly good

No keep kd for another 3 week… and just cop 97 steal pg

Different players.

PG13 is a better defender, dunker and a perfect 3-D guy that doesn’t need the ball.

KD is the main scorer.

Already put him on the trade block… should i get PG13 or Klay?

George is a much better card unless you’re one of those players that just jack it up from the logo.

Not at all but i do like to hit open 3’s

George is an amazing shooter, and I prefer his release.
One of the best dunkers and a great defender, also.

Klay is too one-dimensional for my liking.


Cool will get PG13 !

Whos his duo with?

Diamond Westbrook, second one. But it’s not worth it.

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