Sell PD Blake now or wait? PS4

So I FINNALY pulled a pd. Crazy enough it was with MT and not VC. Should I sell him now? I see him going between 150k and 172k. I know I saw someone say his price will go up when hes out of packs. What’s the move?

If your team is low rated sell and finish collections for tokens. If you need ginobli he might help for unlimited. If your teams is stacked like mine def keep. OP card.

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I want to sell him for sure. They’ll be better cards sooner rather than later. I’m trying to maximize my profit. I’m torn on whether to sell now or later.

pd cards don’t always go up after packs look at ben wallace… best to sell weekend when everyone is on

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Sell now or maybe next weekend

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Definitely dont want a moments KD come out then his price crash


I just pulled him too finally


I pulled Ben and waitied like two weeks after packs closed to sell got 161k. It just depends on the market but if you kept him until all the cards were released his value would go up because they would be limited for locking the set.

No 6 hof badged PF coming out soon i can tell ya that. He is safe till January. Wallace is no comparison.

I sold him. I ended up getting 190k…I was surprised. He was steady between 150k and 170k earlier today.

Probably a guy that didnt want to wait till next carf

How are you using Blake? Are you using post fadeaway?

Post fades & P&R/Fade

I just randomly double tap triangle and it works out


Larry johnson?

Do you think he is worth 190k. Im thinking of trading out my Jermanie Oneal. I tried Blakes fade and i like it because its not as slow as Oneals

I don’t think he’s worth 190k but I think Oscar is

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I can’t make that comparison because I never had JO but at this stage in the game, he’s definitely worth it.

Im running Manu at PG already

No other PF has 6 HOF and stats like him.