Sell out or keep going?

I am currently at 1750 cards, I’m not sure if I should keep going for collector rewards. I am locking heat check and already locked current teams. The cards I’m holding are all the cheap ones from everything and then the ones I sniped for a decent price. The next reward that is worth is is the 750 tokens at 2500 cards.

That’s a long way to go and 2k isn’t releasing cards very fast. I stopped at 1,750.

I’m at 1780 or so. I’m hoping to slowly grind untill I get Sabonis. I got DRob already so at least the collection grind was worth it.

Same currently around 1750 and wondering… but that’s the name of the game so i keep and will see if i can get a few more rewards… and even so i sell everything , get +3M , sell them for 300$ and starting all over again ?

I’m at 1881 cards. Once I finish current domination I will have over 2000 cards. I really want Sabonis but I feel like Getting 20-30 cards a week will still take at least 20 weeks to get to sabonis, by which time game will be close to end of cycle. And that will also buying a lot of cards at a premium price. Will gauge how many cards they release by the end of the year and the sell back if it continues at this slow pace.