Sell or keep Kobe?

Sell or keep Kobe?

Thoughts fellas?

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Tough call, he doesn’t have much value at this point (around 80k or so on Xbox) and using the Amy as a reference, I don’t think he will drop much even if a PD Kobe comes out.

The Amy is still about 25-40k, so you would only lose about 30-40k on him versus what you could get right now.

Depends how badly you need that MT as Kobe is still a top card in the game, especially at the price.


Don’t know what it is but he release is straight ass for me misses wide open shots, just can’t seem to get his release right. I’m thinking of selling the diamond Kobe as I have granger as a replacement his shot is butter compared to Kobe’s I know I’ll be sacrificing defence but I’m willing to do so lol.

It’s one of the best releases in the game for me, but like any card this year if you can’t green with it it’s basically worthless to you and I’d sell.