Sell my 97 Magic with an infinite contract and infinite Jordan lows?

Do you guys think I should post him now? Or wait for the hype to die down off of these cards if there is any?..the diamond Jordan gives him a 96 three ball.

Need some advice :slight_smile:


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Sell Jordan tomorrow, let people see the challanges.

Wait for the hype to die down?? I need to stack up on some MT for the time being. Maybe wait for Monday to sell him?

He has diamond Jordan lows on the card which boosts him 3 to a 96

Yeah I’ll probably wait till next week to sell him so I can make as much coinage as I can

A Jordan challange will most likely give a free amy Jordan card.
Waiting that long cannot be good.

What do you mean? I’m a little confused…I’m just talking about selling 97 Magic? :no_mouth:

Sorry i read no Magic in the title, Jordan with Jordan shoes :frowning:
I’m sorry, ignore me.

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haha i was so confused lol it’s all good!

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Any advice on selling magic though? since your there? Lol

I still have every damn Magic in 2k17, have amy and pd here… so you’re asking the wrong guy lol.
He is unsellable for me :smile:

Those cards are best sold when there is no hype around. So it’s bad timing now.

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Thanks for making this clear for me, I made a mistake last year selling his diamond for 99 curry…immidately regretted it and was unable to afford him after that. I’ll keep mine till the end of the game as he is averaging a double double for me right now. That PD looks deadly though man!! so sick you have that card. I’ll keep mine, I guess I just get hyped up for the MT I can make off of him but in reality there isn’t another point guard like him in the game. Thanks bruh!