Sell Miscellaneous Cards?

At this point in the year, looking to squeeze out all the MT I have to build my team. Sitting at 1700 cards or so, no chance I reach any meaningful collector level reward.

So, what’s the move on all the miscellaneous cards like courts and jerseys? Auction them? Quick sell them? What do you guys do?

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Auction the valuable ones and quicksell the others.

I sell the following:

Silver: 400
Bronze: 350

Bronze and silver: 250
Gold: 450-500.

Silver and Bronze: 250
Gold: I check the going rate


I just did this yesterday and got like 150k took forever it felt like. I quick sold everything except some silvers and bronzes. I kept my lower overall bronzes for unlimited and silvers for some reason go for about 1000.

Anyone have any advice on series 1,2 and 3 players and heat check players?

Do any have value or should I quick sell?

Looks like most on the auction house aren’t hugely above quick sell value

Some silvers/golds are crazy expensive. I sold my Gold LaMelos for 6k mt each and they quicksell for like 425 mt

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I actually started purging my collection yesterday. Most sapphire and Ruby series 1,2, and 3 cards are quick sell value.

Gold, silver, and heat check cards check their value because some go for a lot

Shoes I just quick sold. All in all I made like 200k+ and I still have a bunch of cards to go through.

I kept a good lineup of each tier starting at Ruby for limited depending on what the requirements might be.

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300 more and you get a crazy outdated Dame. I understand why you think that isn’t worth it.

I have 3150 and was going to go for Tatum but now I am not so sure. Problem is I locked a stack of sets (wanted tokens, extra cards for the collection) so it isn’t really an option for me

Yeah don’t do it. I’ll be getting Tatum but only because I’m way past the point of no return. I’m at 3805 with owning 99.9% of every auctionable card below Dark Matters.

I have most reward cards as well.

It would have been nice to get those dumbass Season Rewind cards cheap, but 2K had other plans…

My best case scenario will be getting Tatum the first week of Season 9 as long as they drop a lot of cheap new cards.

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last season i got about 2890 cards, then decided to fuck it off sell cards that i can sell. Now i am only have 1600 cards and i’m happy. 2k doesn’t really want to reward collectors

About to purge my jerseys soon. Should give me a nice little bit of free extra MT to work with, especially after splashing on Shaq and PG Giannis lol

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What’s invincible Shaq like?

Time is ticking for 2k21 - i don’t want to keep cards that i will not use. Better sell it, get new cards, enjoy the remaining time, then jump to 2k22 very soon

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Doesn’t run well on current gen. Other than that dominant

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The Jersey purge! Forgot about this. Thanks for the tip @Sp1ash

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