Sell me on Marion

I know he’s “free” but is he worth the rush? I primarily want a SF who can shoot 3s and Marion looks great but not elite. I also hate using that slow ass Dirk card. You guys all enjoying Marion?

Unless you goin for Magic I’d say no. Those dirk challenges annoying af

Idc if they’re annoying as long as most of them arent hard. I know the rebounding one is tho. I plan on getting Magic, who will be at least a PD.

from behind :cold_face:


I’m a game away. My biggest hurdle is biting the bullet on a 250k+ Lebron.

Fuck it, after the sell back you’re paying like what 50k for a PD? I pulled Bron day 1 and sold him because I thought he’d be alot cheaper by now

Need a lebron moments card asap

The rebounding one was hard for me in sense that I think I failed 4 times. But I think it was because I was trying to game it too hard. When I played more naturally and with really good defenders, I got a lot more Def REB and didn’t have to do too much manufacturing of misses for Off REB.

Playing more naturally and leading basically from start to finish, and building on lead as game went on…I think that was key to not allowing them Momentum.

The 10 x 3PM one was really easy, because it’s on Pro. Just pick’n’fade and you’ll eventually get your 10 3PM. Next up for me is 50 PTS challenge and I think that’s probably NBD with OP Play cheese.

I did the first 3 but I can’t force myself to grind anymore for a Diamond Magic when they will release a PD less than 2 weeks later than an Opal.

For the rebound challenge you can just call the nets play and shoot a bad shot when Dirk is cutting to the basket. No one is there to box him out.

So as long as the ball goes in your direction, it’s a free board.

None of the other challenges are hard since you can just spam the Nets play.

Marion is pretty solid. Lack of clamps really sucks, and his release isn’t the greatest. But he does have gold intimidator, which is nice.

He’s going to be replaced by a better sf in a month , and your going to waste your God given time grinding for a card with a trash jump shot , suspect defense , and will be obsolete in less then 4 weeks !!!

Go For It !!!

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I can’t see a set reward being worse than the players in the collection. I think Magic will be updated, look at his passing. Looks really sus as is

Marion’s D is sus?

That’s the purpose of this whole game mode.

If you wait until June to buy Opals, you’re getting no more utility than if you get a card now that will be solid until say January.

It only takes like a day or two to knock out the challenges anyway. They’re pretty short.


Won’t that always be the case though if you focus too far out? Cards 4 weeks from now you’ll say is not worth it because of cards 4 weeks from then… then 4 weeks from then… on and on. There will consistently be future cards that will out class current cards. Ppl should live in the moment a bit. Marrion is worth it now if you intend on getting Magic as soon as he’s available.


Someone said diamond Siakim was end game and I fell for it lol


Marion’s good. He gets open, shots greenable. Without clamps he’s still pretty good on D gets boards, fast on the break. He’s a solid card for real.
TBH it’s going to be hard fo compete online when ppl have magic, and you don’t.

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I’m just trying to keep up with these challenges incase that magic becomes pd with amazing stats and then all the cards become expensive


Smart man :grin: