Sell me on a new C

Needs to be an elite 3pt shooter and had to have made an impact in the league so no Bol or Curry. Leaning toward opal Porzingis or Jokic

Dwight Howard… only costs like a million mt and you can’t get it back lol


KP is deffo it. For me. If you know how to user your C well he brings it.

Jokic for me could not rebound/defend a lick, his release is aslo slow ish.


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Kristaps easy. 7’3" and can shoot like no one else at that position

Embiid if you want to save mt. He still is my starting C

I already have Embiid. MT isn’t an issue

how different is his opal compared to his first PD?

Defensively, A LOT different. This KP is rock solid around the rim. I mean you got stacks. Just buy him and try him. I tried most C’s and he is by far my favorite.

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Yeah easily Kristaps. IMO he’s one of the best guys to run at center in the game, love his release and the fact he’s 7’3”

Yea even PD KP got me through a 12-0 run a few weeks back.

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I’ve always liked Kristaps too. I think that’s the move. His 80 strength isn’t a liability?

KP over Jokic easily.

Others will prob disagree but Jokic has a minor Shaq problem with release timing for me. It’s a smoother release but still hard to time

He is still 7’3 with all defensive badges.

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Definitely KP. I used him for a while at C, then I sold him when I got Wilt but bought him back to play pf now. He and Curry are the best shooting bigs in the game imo. 3rd one is evolved D-Rob.

I was thinking about trying to go for DRob too but I heard his jumpshot animation is not as good as last year and I don’t want someone with steady shooter

FWIW - anyone had a go at evo’d KP yet? I’m currently getting there with his steaks and blocks, very excited to use him once he gets HOF clamps

Yeah, steady shooter will definitely make you miss some wide open shots that should go in. KP is more reliable.

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It’s why I’m not even considering DRob or Grant Hill even if the token market doesn’t get updated. Stats-wise they both look great, but I don’t trust the SS badge. If the market doesn’t get updated soon, Penny is absolutely the go for me