Sell Magic now or later?

With the arrival of moments cards soon upon us, would it be wise to sell Magic before the crash? Assuming the quality of cards tanks the market, of course.

I don’t need him, and I could use the MT elsewhere.

doubt his price will bounce back. sell em

im picking up diamond shoe magics for 97k BIN price

if anything his price can only go up after the 8th of january, but do you want to wait?

I sold mine. With new moments and series 2 of the 20th anniversary on the horizon I don’t see his price rising at all.

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I was so surprised he hit BIN, coz he is still the best pure PG in the game right now

the codes till the 8th will hurt his price till then for sure

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Magic’s price is already at the bottom. I would wait until next weekend, atm the code is still active so there are too many Magics up in the AH to get a decent price.

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Lowest he’ll be and a steal at that price

Yup definitely

i was apprehensive, but at under 100k hes a steal…

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For his price I don’t see anyone else who will have his skill set for that price? Seems like a no-brainer to keep a guy like him on your team.

This Magic is much better and more of an “endgame” card than prior first Magics. So shouldn’t quite follow same pattern they did of slow but definitive decline in value to inconsequential.

But those Amrlethysts were probably less plentiful than these PDs. There’s probably a ton of these PDs being held in quantity for resale.

So I think these PD Magics might recover a little. Enough to leave some profit if buying at 100 and deducting 10% from sale.

But I think they’ll never get closer to 200 than 100. And more likely closer to 100 than 150.

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This cheap ass early magic ruined the game lol.

When do more Anni’s Drop you guys think ?