Sell Magic for Giannis?

Magic is going for 350K with 35 mins left. Im guessing they finish around the same price? Whos better at PG? Giannis seems too overpowered to not grab him…



Giannis is a nice PF/C

Wont his size make him unstoppable at PG tho?

He can be unstoppable at any position if you use him accordingly. He’s more of a pain as C if you are looking for easier ways :slight_smile:

Curry-Klay-Durant-Blake-Giannis for example.

really? I thought the only players that could stop him would be fast centers like dwight howard or GO Wilt

Yeah maybe in the post, not in the perimeter.

Magic is gonna be 10x better at PG.

Just based off stats, Magic is overall a way better player.


what why tho. dwight has 92 on ball defense + 5 from steve kerr. lateral is 88 too. higher than most PGs

If u play giannis at c he will bring the opposing c away from the paint to guard him. Pg they can still camp their C in the paint and off ball. I like my chances vs any big with Giannis. Hes a beast lol

Onball defense ? what is that lol.

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its the most important stat for perimeter defense imo

Someone thinking this don’t use Giannis as Pg :slight_smile:

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Cause if i faced ur line up and u had curry at PG. I was thinking Giannis would abuse PGs like him.

That’s not my lineup but it’s a good cheesy lineup. Potentially give you more trouble than you can give with 1 guy.
Giannis at PG is a waste as long as you have Magic, that’s my point. Replacing Magic is also not a good idea but it’s your choice after all.

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Right now magic is my drive and kick guy and I was thiking Giannis would do the exact same thing in my line up. Idk if they could coexist well unless Giannis can make his threes consistently


Lol, when I see Giannis at C I know it’s an automatic win for me. 2-3 zone on defense and the cheese is over. On offense it’s a barbecue chicken every single possesion with Timmy or Mutombo.

A smart person would then just change his offense. Personally i run giannis at the 4

Yeah, smart person… But most cheesers with Giannis at center have only one gameplan - exploit him one on one. They’re lost when they see zone. I played 2 dudes who tried that. Both games were blowouts. For me Giannis is really overrated this year. I’m not saying that it’s a bad card at all, but low 3 ball and strenght make him “just” very good, not unstoppable (GO will be a real pain in the ass though). And yeah, I think pf is the best position for him.