Sell KD today?

Sell KD today?

Title :thinking: opal ofc

Sold mine tonight for 430. It’ll be tough to gauge his price until after Friday although 430-450 is a lot considering what’s being released now

Will melo be a good enough replacement for KD

Maybe AK? :thinking:

if you’re a spot up guy yes.

if you’re a shot creator type nooooo


Sold my KD in the KG lockers hype for 520k to try Melo for 360k.

I’m sad now…

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I sold KD, Simmons, two wades and a KP last night.

I’m a little bit scared to log in and see how much I’ve been screwed

I’m banking on kd and Simmons going up just a bit by Sunday after more people lock for kg.

I had it in my mind when I had Simmons and KD that I was going to lock before garnett was announced, I changed my mind. Not sure how many will lock until Opal season goes crazy and things are cheap

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That’s true. I almost locked him too but that price is steep. I still think some people will continue to lock because kg is popular.

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I put up my all star kawhi today. Got 200 for him. Sensing an opal kawhi soooon

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Thats a card I am waiting for.

All star Kawhi was probably my best performing triple threat card so far this year including: Opal Jordan, KD, Worthy and Spotlight Giannis.

That Opal Kawhi will be a must cop for me