Sell KAJ+Big O for Blake

I know that sounds kind of insane but I’ve been playing without KAJ in my unlimited lineup and blowing out people with transition offense and 3’s. (I know, I know it’s cheesy but it’s the meta…) I use PD KAJ offline but that’s about it at this point and I’m wondering if I should sell now and get the 100k+ for the card and go after Blake? ( I would most likely have to sell another piece or grind. I may not have to sell big O since I can get another 80k over the week.) Any thoughts on this move? Blake is effective enough in the low post and spreads the floor/runs the break more effective than KAJ


Can you post your full lineup to see a full picture before giving advise ?

I’ve had success with Kristaps at C and if I have a guy who knows how to use the post I go with Embiid. Their height plus stick skills stifles down low. Most players don’t use the post correctly though

Also I should note I’m 2 Amy’s away from diamond market and haven’t even completed the first dom yet. Finley will probably get the boot for Melo first

You might be good to sell Oscar and KAJ, buy Blake, move Iggy to bench point guard, and get new SF, not sure who thought, you could actually use LJ there, how far are you from getting him? You could also buy someone like Darius Miles and use him there for a while? Whatchu think ?

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I’m 7 games away. It’s harder for me to sell Big O than KAJ simply because O and Magic are walking mismatches.

Iggy at one is like best defender there i’ve used, so amazing.

I think I’ll sell KAJ and see what happens. No sense in holding a 100k player I’m not using

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I was surprised at how I’ve liked iggy at the 3. He hits a lot of trailing and transition 3’s. Quick release and he has the pg17 on him. Plus I can always move him to guard the best player on the 1-3.

I’m guessing 12 hour for KAJ on the block?


With that lineup, where would you put Blake?

@Knezius gave you great advice and I would Pd Griffin is more valuable in MTU than Kareem ever was because of his 3pt ability, finishing and speed.

Pf along with KP or Embiid.

That’s tough lol… Issel has a quick release but Dray can guard just about any sf/pf. I’m guessing Issel

I like Dray but his slow release for someonelike you aint it.

You can also use Blake at 4, if youre selling Oscar use Iggy at one and Dray at 3.

Yea I’m not a fan of Dray release. It’s so fucking slow that anyone you face who is decent at switching on defense and closing out guarantees a brick. I was enjoying playing slow paced offense but it just isn’t the way to crank out wins and if you face someone who plays great defense and has quick release shooters, toughest games to win at the moment

I’m not spamming plays or pnf by any means but I’m playing passing lanes like a sniper and scoring in transition

I actually play super slow pace, plays, post ups. And i beat people np, and in EU 70%+ games against god squads. Dude had every top player you can imagine besides Wilt and Webber and scored like 49 pts lol. So it can be done.