Sell giannis for melo

This is my lineup but I sold havelciak for Roy btw image|690x326

If you like things that are new, sell Giannis for Melo

But if you like things that will help you win games…

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if you dont fulll cheese with giannis in 5 out , might be a “okay move”

How much is melo and how much mt u got? Id try to move kuz

What is up with all these sell giannis threads. NO… one million times NO. I get hes an older card but he is essential lmao. Still one of the best cards in the game and his value is not decreasing


Because fuck giannis @YuBuuBuu

this definitely not it bud


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I know I sold him for lebron and I’m just tryna make myself feel better

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giannis is goated on his animations alone

No. There’s not gonna release another giannis unless he wins MVP, and they’re isn’t a card that can do what he can. You sell klay to get melo or tmac.

I put giannis in my bench

This is the guy dunking on your whole team and you can’t do anything about it


Yea cuz Melo won’t help you win games. Lol this Melo is going to best offensive card in the game currently

Fuck giannis

Youre banned and NOT WORTHY

The point is, you build teams around giannis offensive and defensive game. You dont do that for melo. Giannis > melo.

I play the game for fun, got bored of Giannis so I sold him.

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Same thing i did. Been killing ppl with bron

I’ve got enough defense

Melo > Giannis for me