Sell everything?

Seems like one of the last weekends you might be able to get 200K plus for some cards.

Only thing left are Super Packs, Duo packs or a sig KD?

Locker codes will start dropping with tons of tokens, a lot of these cards will get put on boards.


yup everything for me is on the AH except for 4 auctionable cards

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Yeah prices only going one way from here. On the other hand what are you really gonna use all that MT for, KD and a possible Klay are the only cards to be released that will go for 150k+. That being said though I’ve sold off all the cards I kept in my collection and don’t see myself using a lot.


Sold all my auctionable cards and building teams with reward players

Sell everything gang🙋
Not really but I put up draft set except AD
Magic and D Rob this AM

Yah really no card left beyond KD, Klay, Steph who I think they will release as a warriors trio like they did the spurs trio this week. Hard to top this week and game definitely going to be dying down a lot now.

I think they still might release a Bird sig series just because the GO didn’t have the badging you would expect from an end game Larry legend.

I’m keeping Tracy, KAJ and Magic as those are endgame for me, every other end game card for me is locked. Everything else is getting sold.


You’re good bro.

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When should I sell the Whole Draft Set Promo?

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Yeah I guess Tuesday will tell us what 2K have in mind for the rest of the cycle but I had a look at the list of potential GO’s we could still be getting and it’s really only KD and Klay that stand out to me. Pippen and Wilkins are nice but we have Kawhi and Dr. J that are similar already. Think content from now on will mostly just consist of locker codes and super packs.

Not sure what prices look like but most likely today I’d say

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Me: KD and Klay come here I got max contracts shoes, badges, and a starting position for you ( in my Bob Meyers voice )


Bye Melo and Yao :sob:

i can’t believe my hakeem sold for 160k and KG for 178k and then 5 min later hakeem is at 200k and KG is at 210

like i see a hakeem at 256k with 4 min left and mine sold ten min ago for 161k like wtf

That what am scared of. Price keep going up and down. Friday I seen two hakeem’s go for 430k and I tried to hurry up and throw mine up but couldn’t because the auction house was broken then but glad I didn’t because after that card sold the rest was going for 180k. Like what in the world. And now it happening today. One sold for 230k and am trying to see what the others will go for.

It’s like people jumping over cards. You might see two cards for 100k and the next card down 180k and the trip is the card have no contact or anything.

i just gave up on worrying about prices right now, and losing 100k ain’t gonna hurt me but it’s just shocking to see

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It hurt me because I want all of mines. I really don’t want to sell my hakeem but I want to try out Dr. J.

I’m done waiting as well. I don’t have a single auctionable card on my squad.

Everything for sale. Time to make this end game team and just play through the summer until I’m tired of the game.

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