Sell everyone now?

It seems like everything is going well above regular value today? Should I sell out beflre Kobe/ all star weekend and wait to buy back?

If you haven’t noticed by now the market hasn’t crashed.

Everything we thought we knew has been wrong.

Nothing is promised. Trust nobody.


Wouldn’t sell during super bowl. Saturday was probably best chance.


Especially anime profiles


Broly vs Goku Vs Adobo

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They’re the worst.


I know right

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Nothing is true, everything is permitted

I’d sell PG13. Ronnie mentioned a PD PG13. I’m apt to believe it. I believe PG13 Anni is the 3rd set.

Sell sell sell

When the markets dry on weekends with content that’s been out for a week the prices always go up, although Shaq looks like he’s going down but he will go way up once he’s out of packs,

I got 660k for my Danny Granger card a few hours ago


Pg isn’t til series 3 I believe, so still a while til we see Anni pg13

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What does it mean when the “market crashes”

He meant a PD moments card for his big game from a couple days ago

People panic selling good cards that are just a bit older for new shiny cards

Essentially at some point a card you bought for 200k is gonna be worth 100 or less because other substitutes have come out.