Sell Diamond Bron?

Theres a Diamond Lebron up now selling for 170k… Really thinking about selling mine and rebuying during next crash. He is good but isn’t worth that much IMO, so wanna dump him while price is high.


It’s end of weekend. He’s not going to be this much when your auction ends. At least that’s my guess

I would try and sell him sometime during the week during primetime possibly if I was going to sell. I mean, it’s 3:30 AM EST, so you wouldn’t think people would bid 170k for a base Lebron this late. Craziness

I think prices tend to be higher on weekends and dips a little bit during the week. Good luck. 170k is a lot of MT. Hope yours sell for a good amlunt

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Itll be a risky endeavor, I’m thinking I’ll just wait and check prices tomorrow evening and if they’re high I will sell him Tuesday or Wednesday. Or I could wait til next weekend?

Geesh, this is tough…

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Diamond Lebron is easily worth 170k MT

Most underrated card on this forum for some odd reason … I think having back to back moments made the card more common for a long span of time so people under appreciate how good the card plays

And, his value will hold up just fine. No PD Lebron for months and he’s one of the best cards out — will be relevant til his PD drops.

I don’t like that Lebron for some reason he feels slow and clunky to me not a big fan of his jumpshot either. Id flip don’t see those cards going back up to much especially if we get a KD

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My sense is that prices are high now. If nothing drops tomorrow then I think most prudent move is to sell and then look to cop during next crash.

Sold mine for 185k at about 11pm last night. Pretty happy about that.

You talking about the new one or old? Yellow or purple?

Lucky, mine only sold for 130k with Red Kyrie’s and a diamond contract.

I bought a diamond Bron with diamond contract and badged out for 147k. The next day I replaced Pick and Popper with Ankle Breaker and put Drop Stepper on him. I put him back up and he sold for 189k. I don’t understand the market lol

It was the newer one, 22 contracts, weatherman Foamposites, badged out.

I’m talking about the older one. I bought him for just 100k so I could make a profit off of him still I believe! Might sell him tonight

I picked up the first diamond Lebron last week (after the 2nd came out) with contract & white Kobes for 110K and I badged him out. I’ve now got PD Pierce (and Melo & Rashard & Iggy & Kobe) so I’ve been thinking about selling him off to make up for the (ridiculous) 260K I paid for Kobe.

BUT, while I’ll probably make a profit, I don’t know that I’d be getting back the kind of value this card really has…

LBJ’s jumper is super easy for me. Im just gonna use it until a better one comes out.