Sell back Kareem and lock in Hakeem or keep Kareem?

This is my lineup
Magic, Tmac, Dave D, KD, Kareem
Lonzo, Harden, Elgin, Shawn Kemp, Nate

I like both but Hakeem the dream is better,same offense but better D and Better 3 pointer.Also the best blocking in the game(averages 4block per game for me)
On the other side kareem is more athletic than Hakeem

Kareem is my best Center (w/ Diamond Curry’s). He’s shooting 58% from 3pt for me!

Would selling Kareem be enough to get the rest of the cards?

Yeah man

I honestly like Hakeem better, but he’s a lot of MT to lock and Kareem is damn good. If it’s not going to kill your MT for the rest of the year, go for him, but Kareem is not a bad way to go if you might need that locked MT later on down the road.

Kareem is taller and faster
I didnot see any difference on defense
I dont shot 3 with him
Locking hakeem was a loss of MT

So if you play him as a center kareem is imo better