Sekiro , someone?

Any crazy guy here that ve tried it ?

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Yes. I havent gotten far. But I was playing it before I bought 2k (Christmas). Great stuff. I’m a huge Souls fan and I think they did a great job with this one.

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Yup. I’m close to the end right now. This was my 1st game I played that wasn’t sports or a shooting game. I have really enjoyed it so far. Obviously hard as fuck, but I never found my self raging at it. If you fail, its usually your own fault and not due to bs from the game. You should try it, combat is great

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yeah, one of the best game on past gen. Got platinum.


I didn’t even recognize the name, and yet I instantly knew it was a sword game lol

I ve never played a difficulty game like that before , :rofl:I’m somehow afraid of leading with that level of frustration

You have any past on souls series or something ?

The game is crazy challenging , which is good

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Play Dark Souls 1 and get back to me. Or Demons Souls. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

One of my favorite games of the PS4 generation. Challenging but that feeling when you finally beat a boss after dying 20+ times lol.

Wait to you face Ishin the sword saint :fearful:

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Nope. First soulsbourne type game I played

Ok I will try it , im confident now :rofl:

Some say that the learning curve is easier for people who never played Dark Souls or bloodborne. Since the combat is different, they have a harder time ditching the “mechanics” of those games for this one. Have fun

It will be better than TT for sure :rofl:

Great game bloodborne is still the better souls game tho

In my humble opinion, Demons rules them all. Played it on ps3 a bunch… I cant wait to try it when I (if ever) find a ps5 somewhere.