Seeking a Champion to win me Hakeem

I am looking for a PS4 baller to do what I cannot and help me get Hakeem. My team consists of PD Magic, Giannis, Blake, Klay, Ralph and Diamond Iggy, Ray, Pippen, Kirelenko, Shaq. All 10 equipped with the best shoes, diamond contracts and fully badged out. Theres already 2 wins for you so you just need 10 more. Will pay you beforehand. Has Bucks playbook and D’Antoni as coach but I’ll get you whatever you need to do this if those two arent to your liking.

@Muglegacy2 I want you to do this because many people have vouched for you already. Are you up for it? Message me to discuss price.

Anyone else that feels qualified to do this please post or message me.

The profile pic wtf lol

That profile pic is my fantasy girlfriend.

I like your standards

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I wish o could help but I stuck in 2k purgatory at this time. 11 and 1 over my last two tries and the last loss was from a miracle buzzer beater.

Damn bro that sucks. I hope you get it man

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You guys can do it yourself — just need Emerald Lopez, Ruby Porzingis, and Ruby Yao and run them OOP.

I destroy people with that lineup. Lol. Lose to opal wilt/granger combos