Secretly judge thread: favorite Disney movie

Mine is easily Aladdin, cartoon version of course.

Post yours and I will silently judge you and form an opinion on your character because of it.


The Lion King, original

Judge away Vork lol

I don’t really like any Disney movies.

But as a kid… Homeward Bound, Rescuers down under, and Honey I shrunk the kids.
Boy meets world, but not really Disney.

Aladdin and the Lion King . Why is this even a question VORK?


Tbh though I never really cared much for Disney

Inside Out… Finding Nemo

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

I haven’t seen it in years but I liked Wall E a lot.

Cool Runnings by a mile

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Pirates of the Caribbean
Toy Story

brother bear

Brave, Moana, Monsters Inc, Toy Story 2, Lion King 1 1/2 cuz I can’t choose one lol

Edit: and finding nemo

The incredibles

Ratatouilles the move

Probably Flight of the Navigator or The Rocketeer.

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Moana (even though it gets me sad), Frozen, and Coco. I never really watched any of the old ones growing up.

when i was a kid i could tell you the monsters inc script word for word


Can’t say the absolute favo but this was the first love i guess. Original one of course :slight_smile:

90-95 have some epic titles. Aladdin, Lion King, Pocahontas, Beauty & The Beast, Toy Story, Nighmare Before Christmas etc…

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Robin Hood. :fox_face::dart:

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Thor: The Dark World

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