Second chance PD CODES AND MT CODE


Now the real question is do I enter it now or wait until tomorrow lol

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So what if we got an error code…but did get our PD?

Who’s gonna try it them regardless if we got a PD already lol

Oh geez, it let me do this one even though I got a card from support. Got another Giannis. Thanks for the heads up.


It’s up to you my guy lol, can anyone try if it will work again for the second time if you got the first one ?

Yeah I won’t try till tonight, won’t catch me again


I will try it on my second ps4 that didnt get an error in about 15-20mins

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Did you really?

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Bolt Action Time…

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Yup :sweat_smile:

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Good for you

Is it working if you already got it the first time is the question

Ima need to see proof this works

Doesnt work. I tried lol

I just got Giannis too! Never got the first code but received a random PD pack from 2K support before they stopped giving them out, got AI from that one

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Careful guys. I wouldn’t try it for the next 2 hours minimum.


Omg it works a second time lmfao

Yeaahhh, they fucked up, lol.

smh Shake4ndbake got a second one. Giannis on the first, Magic on this one

I don’t believe y’all

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