Season Rewind II Today?

If they’re gonna drop these for each team, it’s gonna have to be a 2 per week type of drop, leaving today as the only possibility. Next teams up are T-Wolves, Thunder, and Cavs if they do these today.

If they drop, expect to finally get a DM Kevin Love alongside a DM Shai @obrei :smirk:


I’m expecting a code or agenda. thats all


Either of the above is fine by me tbh

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Would be cool with that too. Anything that can be considered good content (at least one good, usable opal or better)

Agenda makes the most sense imo because we are getting a crap ton of DM cards in the logins and as that.
I can’t wait to see Trae tomorrow.

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I’m hoping for a DM Center again or PF but idk

You’re gonna get his stats today. card will be available at 2 AM CST, which is way before the database update

That would be sick

Today? Most likely yes.
I think I’d like to see another code for a card.
But idk.
I’d rather more agenda cards

Like I said, anything that can be considered good content is good enough for me

Literally called it haha. Check new thread

lets gooooo haha! gotta sell my whole team just for this shai

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