Season Rewind - DM John Wall, Wendell Carter Jnr + Jerami Grant


Basically all the teams that tanked the season

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Are we getting any XP? That’s all i care about

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wow. everyone getting DMs now ? cmon 2k

Some have the OO Sticker :thinking:

Looking at the 3 reward cards, I’ll do the XP then put them into the Reed exchange

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Lol why are the reward cards terrible but the others are so good

Wendell Carter looks nuts

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SU Squad update!!!

EVERYONE will get DMs. DM is just last year’s Galaxy Opal. No limitations there.

Invincible is last year’s GOAT, but i am pretty sure we’re gonna get a lot more Inv than we did GOATs


Wendell the only card that looks decent… Just gimme some XP pls

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lol wtf 2k smoking cards with 85 intangables??

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Plumlee with the 25 shot 3… Is he the only card in the game with that?? Hahah

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Plumlee the worst 98 overall 2k have ever released…

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yeah. i thought that with them adding DARK MATTER tier, that it’s really gonna be saved for the GOAT type cards. but no, it’s just a way for them to make DM TOKEN MARKET cards cost 1000 tokens instead of 750


Looks like we’ll be getting three teams per release, and two releases per week

Huge W

Whole bunch of mehhhh in this drop. No one is great, Plumlee is terrible.

Mason Plumlee’s emerald has a higher 3pt rating than his opal LMAO


You can only do that for duplicate rewards

Wait what tf is going on