Season Rewind 8! Bucks, Lakers, and Mavs! Plus, DM Mitch Richmond!

Bucks, Lakers, and Mavericks.

DMs: Middleton, Kuzma (:nauseated_face:), Tim Hardaway Jr.

Mitch Richmond looking NICE!!! I’m very glad 2K made these rewards cards good. Richmond will easily slot in as my new backup PG


HOLY FUCK bobby portis is really good???

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Name 4 biggest bums on the lakers and put them in a pack drop… dudley, drummond, harrell and kuzma :joy:


This set is easily by far the best rewind yet. The dark matters are all very good, the non-rewards Opals and PDs are all nice budget options. The first rewind set this year that I can say is pretty damn good

Hahaha Dudz gets his yearly PD
Not a bad drop. Kuz, Middleton, Portis, Richardson, Dudz, DFS interest me here


Richmond looks nice, 6 5 PG with everything you need

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Mitch does look good. If you don’t have a guard he’s one.

No Pat . No Tucker… :disappointed:

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First time in forever that there’s a significant amount of the dark matters from these. Probably because

A. The players are good
B. The other dark matters are all expensive

Kuzma’s already BIN interestingly enough, IMO he’s the best card from the set

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He does not deserve that card.

Bol Bol and Tacko didn’t deserve Invincibles either

Kuzma was terrible during the playoffs of course, but the fact people are picking on him as if he shouldn’t have got a DM, while we’re not hearing a peep about how Lonnie Walker got one, is ludicrous IMO

Y’all are influenced by that corny Shanghai/Guangdong meme


I’m not influence i’m mad because he was terrible. I look at stats of every game and watch plenty too. And I have seen how terrible he has been.

Doesn’t change the fact he’s a better player than Bol Bol, who has an Invincible that no-one is complaining about

I completely agree he was bad during the playoffs, and I believe we should trade him during the off-season (if we can). It doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a DM, and it doesn’t mean he should be receiving the vitriol for getting one that I’ve seen on Twitter

And I was complaining about that too!

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Personally I don’t care who gets DMs at this point, as long as only guys who made an all-time impact get Invincible cards (which is obviously not the case)

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Here’s the thing: Invincibles are now gonna be both NBA legends and 2K legends. Danny Ferry is definitely getting another card now, as vault legends like Dischinger got upgraded ones as well.

I doubt Ferry gonna be a base dark matter— assuming he will get an invincible. Do I like it? No.

Invincible Hedo about to get Exum, PG eligibility and an increased wingspan, in that case

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