Season Rewind 4 DM Brandon Ingram, Gordon Hayward, Lonnie Walker IV

dm p.j washington :pray:t3::pray:t3:
dm keldon Johnson

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Would love a SG Keldon. But I think DM Will be Rudy. Give me Lonnie too

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Maybe my prediction will be right (Besides Dejounte Murray sense he came out yesterday)

Lonnie and keldon would be really nice but do you think we get DM Lamelo ??

I doubt it i’m thinking we see him in FF2

Dang Mystic really going sweaty, trying to claim a thread and the likes hours before the set actually drops…




So by this logic, I should be able to make a thread for next weeks Idols drop lol?


Its on the “Day” Unless its Friday and then it could be the “Day Before”

Imma stop arguing, it’s pointless


I’m guessing we get hidden diamond Elvin Hayes in collections today, too

Wdym he is already the Friday Reward as a DM.

1: he’ll appear in collections (like Trae Young) before he is available to pick up on Friday
2: 99.9% sure he will not have the stats of a relevant DM lol


I expect Elvin to have around 35 HOF and 45 total badges with the stats of a solid, but not great pink diamond.

Cmon 2k, we need Derrick White today!

I forgot to login yesteray coz this game is ass and there s nothin to do

It’s like the guy who posts a 480p twitter link on reddit a second before the guy with a 1080p streamable


Don’t worry Hayes boutta have 37 HOF badges and no range

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I am very naive, but BlessRNG for Lamelo

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