Season reward ruby Kyle Lowry II agenda goal is glitched and won't complete

Somethings up with these FG requirement challenges this is the third one that’s been glitched on release day (emerald Tony Parker, sapphire Khris Middleton). Those other two guys got their challenges fixed within a day or two so can somebody at 2K please fix ruby Lowry’s second challenge (make 6 FGs at 41% or higher). I just did that in a Triple Threat game and the challenge won’t complete successfully on my goal list.

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Had the same issue, I tried doing it with jumpshots but doesn’t work either. Let me know if you find the solution

There’s no solution on our end just gotta’ wait for 2K to fix it.

It took about 24 hours for them to fix the Tony Parker and Khris Middleton challenges which were also based on FGs.

2K just needs to stop releasing FG based challenges if they’re always going to come out broken like this.

Also this Lowry card gets 98 speed with ball in takeover he’s flying out there.

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Yeah I realized that when I first played with him. Fastest card I tried

I made 8 dunks with lavine and Blake griffin in a game of domination and they didn’t count either. 2K keep slacking

Blake and Zach both worked for me I got them to unlock after a domination game.

Did the 2 challenges 3 hours ago and it counted

how did you do them with Lavine? he wont dunk for me unless in transition

Pistons playbook, give 15 horns drive

Lowry and Etan Thomas are the only broken ones out of everything they added today.

I just tried it for the first time today and the Lowry II agenda goal is still glitched.

They changed the goal to make 6 FG in a game

I feel like the season award cards play above their colour. Walker was OK, Tony is pretty good for an emerald.

Looking forward to Horace and lowry