Season Elite players?

I think it would be a great idea for 2K to bring back the Season Elite promo that they had back in 2K17 for the players who had great seasons but didn’t make the playoffs and don’t have amazing cards yet (remembering that OP speed boosting Diamond Porzingis that was released in that promo as I type this). Some of the players they could release are:

  • PD Luka (97 or 98 OVR)

  • PD Trae (97 or 98 OVR)

  • PD Towns

  • PD Fox

  • Diamond Buddy Hield

  • Diamond Vucevic (If the Magic don’t make the playoffs)

  • Diamond Ayton

  • Amethyst Marvin Bagley

  • Amethyst Wendell Carter Jr.

  • Amethyst Mitchell Robinson

What do you guys think?


What has half these players done to deserve these

They’ve all had great seasons

They’ve all improved overall or had solid rookie years

No Trae Young?

Damn forgot Trae he should be in there

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Lmfao you on some bullshit

Ok maybe not Ingram but Ayton deserves one

DLo and Siakam are both running for MIP and I don’t even see them on the list…smh

They’re on playoff teams bud

I just saw that. But they should still get an elite card at the end of the season.

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They’ll probably get cards when they get eliminated from the playoffs I think 2K did that one year


Playoff moments, they usually put cards up for players when their team gets booted


You’re right tho

Ayton definitely deserves one

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PD Embiid
PD Vucevic
DI Myles
DI Ayton
DI Siakam
DI Gobert
AM Brook
AM Mitchell Robinson
RU Larry Nance

gimme my damn bigmen

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they brought back march madness from 17 so the could add this back

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Another PD AD just for the lolz.

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