Season 9

Season 9 confirmed with end game option pack as the level 40 prize.

Limited options but still a good prize for an offline player like me. I’m hoping they keep the season as an open ended one so I can just move through over the next couple of months.


Was there a locker code today? You know, the one on 2k’s community screen or whatever? And will I be able to pick it up on Sunday? It seems to be more than 1 token this time.

Yeah it’s good for a week

Also the wheels are full of tokens. I didn’t realise until after

Not a fan of the prizes for this season. No players and a whole lot of balls.

The xp is all from invincible and End games of which I have very few so probably wont actually make it through level 40. Good news is it’s open ended so I can tinker away

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Just noticed end game packs in the token market. 1250. I need another 350 odd

The Invincibles are super cheap in the auction house. I think I picked up 6 different cards for less than 8,400 MT each.

I think it’s different on switch. Haven’t seen anything like that. More around 15k each and my balance is only like 30k haha

They actually just went up in price. For the last few days, at least on XBox, you could get inv for under 7k. I had been buying and selling a number of them. Now sorry I did not get more than I did even though my MT supply was limited. However, was pretty sure the EG market was about to crash and wanted to save for that. At this point, I had been only targeting 2 players to keep, EG Porzingas and LeBron, to keep, both at backup positions. Happy LeBron is level 40 prize, although inv MJ is so good, may prefer to keep him as my backup PG.


I had a few thousand tokens so I opened 5 End game token packs.

Dr. J
Yao Ming
Michael Jordan
Scottie Pippen
Larry Bird.

Surprisingly Yao Ming still goes for over 300k. Token packs are unauctionable, but I already had Yao so I sold the one I had.

Nice pull, but I don’t expect to play much longer. I played 1 limited game and got the ring right in the middle so limited is done. Limited Option pack was Luka, Jimmy, Tatum, AD and Wilt. I picked Wilt.


Really great pull! I did much worse. We had 100k of VC from the beginning of the year and had enough tokens so that I could do a total of 8 pulls. Got - Banchero (x 2), Lonzo Ball (x2), Garnett, Dirk, Harden, Dr. J. I will say that really happy with Garnett and Dirk but overall fairly disappointing. Luckily I was able to get Porzingas for 100k and decided on Luka from the option pack. Already have EG Embiid, Towns, Curry, Moses, Tacko, and Giannis so pretty fully with a fairly good team. I still have trouble with their shots, esp online, but my son now has got it and is able to hit 3’s and 4’s in clutch online about 70-75% of the time.

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I’ve managed to make some profit out of renting end games and invincibles so I’m trying to get as close to level 40 as I can while there’s still heaps of people buying and selling. Once that ends it’s gonna be tough

Do all of those End Game cards have the hyper quick release? I’ve only used Steph, Kawhi, and Embid.

All the same, however the build and arm length must make a difference. Some cards just seem easier to me. Not sure why, but Luka seems a little easier than some of the others. My son really liked using Dirk and Luka, but has trouble with Curry and Durant. He loves Tacko, but I have difficulty with him.

Not too bad for a 1 day effort. Level 1 to 40 plus Limited completed. I’m done for the day. Took Wilt from Limited and Lebron for Level 40 Option.


Got a PD Tacko to add to my limited lineup for 7.5k. I love these kinds of accidental snipes that I can probably earn profit from selling afterwards.


Good to know. I finally got the EG Durant as a reward for the All-Time rewards. His shot is so fast. Kind of seems like the interior players are the way to go for the EG cards if you don’t plan on playing 5-out type spacing.

My favorite release cards I think are Dark Matter Herro and Ausar Thompson. So smooth. NEXT Victor is easy too. I want to get his Invincible card, but I’m afraid the release won’t be as nice.

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Try Jordan, with the inv or Hero. By far my favorite with one strange exception- Caris LeVert. For some reason, I find LeVert’s shot automatic. Try his PD out and see if you agree. If so, get his Playoff Amylest card. This card has all badges open. I just loaded with HOF shooting badges and he becomes a really great card in Limited. Defense is also top notch. All of his cards are really cheap so easy to try out.


I think this is my final line-up for 2K23. Only real question is whether to use EG Giannis at the end of the bench or EG Luka. Son loves EG Luka and will often use him either at the PG or SG of his starting lineup. He also prefer to use EG Dirk instead of inv Wemby and EG Bradly instead of Manute. While I think he is crazy to do that, he does keep winning his clutch online games with that line up and can consistently hit 3’s with end game cards, at least with Luka, Dirk, and Tacko. Main difference with us is that I prefer the inv players over the EG players. I go back and forth about whether to use LeBron or Jordan. EG Tacko is just so dominant inside that I do not worry that I have trouble with his shot, although I love inv Eaton’s shot.

Hoping to still avoid 2K24 (son is pushing me to get it but he never realizes how much time it takes for me to get MT and complete agendas so that he has good cards to play with). I think if they start to allow MT to be bought again (like that will ever happen), then I might break and get it and become someone who just buys MT. That way I can start spending more time doing other things (like work).


Got to level 38 and my invincible from the deluxe pack was Walker Kessler. Just one of these days I’d like a good get from a pack.

I’m 30 tokens away from the end game deluxe pack. Lock in Lonzo Ball already


Ugh even worse I can’t even get into the game. Getting an error every time I try to load the game.