Season 9: Out of This World!


Bruh I just sat there tryna figure it out and didn’t come anywhere close to that lmaoo

Maybe gotta do with the new season

Welcome to the space jam baby


why could i actually see this coming… or maybe like a nba player counterpart to each looney toon in the movie

could just be a pack of nba players in space jam. Lebron, MJ, Ewing, Larry Johnson, Shawn Bradley, Muggsy Bogues, Barkley (?!?!?!?!), Klay, AD, Lillard


GIVE US MORE DM LEBRONS AND DM JORDANS. YESS!! yall going to be mad eh?


First all invincible drop :joy::joy::ringer_planet:

@ACMRmuki you gave me a heart attack when I saw:


If it’s Bugs Bunny, I will be selling my whole team and giving away all remaining MT. This game would no longer be 2K

Invincible PG LeBron with a space jam jersey he will be mine

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Funniest thing is for 2 promos that were in this season is that both had Charles Barkley in them but he’s not in game so we still don’t have Charles lol.
Perhaps this means that we get Charles in the future and these last 2 sets are finally teasing it?
I doubt it actually lol.
But what if it was a big teaser and season reward was Charles.

Out Of This World?

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Posted in season predictions thread as well

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No way blog comes out today… right?

That would be wild

Watch this be a International card for the Inv reward.

And then we get a World dom

when does this season end?

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Ayo. If we get Bugs Bunny in my team I’m probably alone in thinking that would be amazing. The mode is already arcade enough. I’ll take a Bugs Bunny, a Billy Hoyle and a Jackie Moon, that would be hilarious.


They need to make a new version of myteam with celebrities and fictional char’s. They would have to be sure not to mix it with myteam. I would call it, SLAM