Season 6 Teams

Created a thread for general season 6 stuff but thought I’d start one for teams:) Here’s mine as of now and after getting Hakeem and AK-47 for 20k:) 900 points away in Unlimited from Livingstone and than I’ll sell off Sengun. Penny has 33 HOF badges as I keep sharing, lol:) I just swap Tacko and Hakeem on the defensive assignment screens so Tacko is playing centre. Bhullar is just there for tall relief if needed.


haha, it’s amazing to see the team I had at the end of Season 1 to where we are now. Was going through my saved line-ups on 2kdb.

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Running this right now. Sengun comes of the bench bc Ricky Davis is main ball handler in starting 5. For the occasional play Dray is okay and he is good lock on defense. KG at C was ok so far since switching Tacko to guard C anyway and did not come up against 2 giants s far. :sweat_smile:

Btw that Gudmundsson is pretty good. Very good shooter and easy release.


looking to add Livingston, Cowens, Hakeem, and Mutombo by the end of the week
frankly, I don’t know what to do with Mutombo, and where do I put Hakeem. at PF2, and sell Tacko?

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Almost everyone has extra HOF badges. Senguin has 22, Bender has 20, Laettner 20, Bamba 24. The rest have only 2-4 extra except for Pervis (Pervis is so good, I cannot figure out how any HOF badge will make him better). I usually use Hayward or PD AK47) instead of Griffin at one of the last slots (depends if online or offline and if there is a challenge). Strange that despite we are well into Dark Matters, I still use 5 Pink Diamonds regularly on my team and still keep going back and forth about adding 3 others (AK47, Artest, Tim Thomas) back into the mix since they are still fun to play with and I can hit their shots fairly easily. Over 125k of XP so should be able to get Hakeem this week. Not sure yet how I will fit him in.

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how do you get that many extra hofers to spend them on Bambas and Laettners? or you buy them already souped up?

sounds easy to me: Eaton out, Hakeem in

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I actually bought all 4 really souped up. I am a little surprised how cheap non premium cards are with extra HOF badges. Each one cost me only 5-20k more than the basic version that I sold back. I also bought the PD Ball brothers with 20 (Lonzo) and 24 (Lamelo) HOF badges and Diamond Deng (20+) that I got for nearly what I sold the basic versions back for.

My only concern with getting Eaton out is that he is my stopper against any of the giants (Yao or, before I got him, Tacko). I only got one with 3 extra HOF badges (which actually cost me less than the basic one I sold back), but they are good including QFS so he can drive past any center covering him in the corner fairly easily. That said, you are right and he is most likely the one that I will replace.

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I’m only 300 points away from getting Livingstone, when I get home after work tonight. My plan is to sell Sengun I’m thinking about selling Tacko myself. I’m not too sure though…???

To me, Tacko is still dominant. It seems every TTO I play is against 3 DMs against my single GO and 2 PDs (Pervis, Bender, Tacko). Still win almost every game despite almost never taking a 3. It is obvious no card can really stop Tacko (and if they pay too much attention to him, the other cards can easily score). A better card will eventually come, but it is just not out yet.

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Just saw the new Sabonis card being released today. That might be the card that stops Tacko. Perhaps selling Tacko yesterday was the right move to make. Will be interesting to see when Sabonis is released shortly.

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Got Livingstone, sold Sengun and bought Heroic Sabonis. Think Hakeem is better off the bench now so I can go big. Thinking of maybe buying Ricky Davis if I can grab one cheap. Though MT is down a little as I invested in some Playoff cards like Eric Gordon, Jarrett Allen, Batum and a few others still to get updates hopefully. Think Allen might get one after his 9 points, 10 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocks and 3 steals effort.

Edit: And a Garland as an investment:)

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so you actually sold yours did you? How much did you get for him if so?

Did not sell. Sabonis is not even close to being as good as Tacko when playing with him. He just seems extra slow.

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He’s slow, I’ve got the Heroic one only, but Don Nelson gives him the +8 speed boost plus I’ve put a shoe on him with +4 to speed, acceleration, vertical, speed with ball and lateral quickness. So his speed is up to 74 which isn’t as bad:) I’m not finding him too bad, just keep him at center as he’s too slow I’ve found as well to guard those stretch 4’s. He can keep up ok with other centers and Tacko has that length to cover more ground and the PF’s. Still need to badge him up though, defintely putting quick first step on him and probably clamps, glove and unpluckable if I can get them cheap enough.

why not the hero version? is he expensive on consoles? I bought mine for 200k on PC

yeah, a little rich for me, haha. I’ve got a few investments hoping to pay of in the next 24 hours. I’ve still got 1,630 cards with a lot to sell back after getting the collector’s level for 4 HOF badges. Not going for any more after that. I’m back down to around 70k at the moment.

Not as fast as some, but got Hakeem today. Same time I got lucky and got Hero Sabonis for 130k, but still not sure why. While not fast, faster than the Heroic. Has a nice but slow shot and love HOF Dimer on a center. It just seems like he should dominate more inside both on the offense and defense end. Never seen more rebounds bounce off someone’s hands. Really wish they had the Glue Hands Badge this year.


Actually pulled Malik Sealy from the Vault today! First RNG all year I think from there. Pretty sure he comes into my team either as starting SG over Rice or replaces Allen as my back-up SG. I’m so comfortable with Rice though I might throw Malik at back-up. I’m thinking of selling my Tacko ion the next 24 hours!!! Got a funny feeling something big is coming, might wait and do Limited with him first and see if he meets the requirements for the week.

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