**[Season 6 Feedback & Suggestions]** for Devs

Im hoping to consolidate a thread for 2k devs to read and gain some insight on how the community feels about season 6.

  1. Thanks for coming up with a new thing in season 6 - the glitch market. Although myself and probably many others havent seen the glitch market at all… it is a new concept which we hope can be improved in the future.

Some ways to improve glitch market:

  • Instead of RNG playing such a big part in getting the glitch market, we need a system where players are awarded for grinding MyTeam.

Suggestion - Add an agenda to unlock the glitch market:

Win 300 TTO games in 1 season
Win 100 Unlimited games in 1 season

Make it hard to get, but make it possible for all if they play and grind hard… award your playerbase.

  1. Vault TOP Prize. Now, we all have issues with how the Vault works… there is no indication of how obtainable the top prize is. Players are frustrated they dont know the chance to draw the top prize.

Suggestions - Add the percentage % for your top prize and award playerbase for playing more TTOffline…

-1% chance to get top prize in Vault (displayed on top of the top prize card)

  • For every win a player gets in TTOffline, you add a very small 0.01% chance to get the top prize for that season

So you start at 1%, if u get 100 wins, 100 x 0.01% = extra 1% increase in vault odds… it will display as [1% + 1%]. This way at least players get a sense of them playing TTO will eventually lead to a top prize. 100 games adds a 1% chance to get top prize… so 1000 wins, the chance will equal [1% + 10%] = 11%.

  1. Layered RNG is not good for the game or its playerbase… Here is the major issue that needs to be addressed in the next season and beyond…

TTOffline - Vault: Pure RNG (Please implement something similar to suggestion 2 above)

TTOnline - 2 layers of RNG: getting the board and then ball drop… to be honest the system is fine, BUT Top Tier Board needs to be improved significantly. 1x Token, 300 MT should be removed immediately. Going 7-0 and see a top board with 1x Token is not good.

Limited - Concept is nice, but the reward system needs to be addressed. Again RNG for limited rings. Some players win 1 game and are lucky enough to see a ring, some players get 15 wins and never get it.

Suggestions: Limited rings should be number of wins, and removed from the prize pool. Also remove 1x Token from prize pool.

Unlimited - Oh Boy… where to even begin… this mode needs a full rework. The current reward system is horrendous and not worth the grind. Michael Redd was already outdated day 1 of the season. If you want players to win 65+ games AND Also go 12-0… the prize should be the best card in the game for that season, no question about it.

Anyways hope 2k devs and others in this forum contribute to this thread and please make suggestions and constructive criticism only.


Keep the XP grind the same as this season or easier. I haven’t felt hand cuffed to the game this season


If someone disagree on this needs to be Ban
And the best part . All of this are easy fixes , 2k needs to stop being lazy , the mode is completely dead


Move glitched market into the normal token market so people can use these damn tokens

Move Idols to Tuesday or just scrap completely. No one likes Idols.

Bring moments cards back for the playoffs ?

Season 6 suckedddd


Please no pack in the token market ,
Something actually decent like last year with Giannis , Wiseman, lamelo


I was able to complete both the DRob and JR grinds without buying a single card over 10K MT.

This is how the player of the month reward grinds should have gone all year long, instead of what happened in the first four seasons, where 2K was forcing people to rent 100K MT cards and take huge losses on sellback taxes and marketplace card price fluctuations.


I’ve been a huge 2K fan for a very long time but this season was atrocious. The RNG is just intolerable at this point.

It’s all in good fun to hear things like, “haha I played 1,000 games for Ferry and still haven’t got him.” But that’s valuable time that I can’t get back and the rewards are fucking awful in general.

I agree whole heartedly about unlimited, especially because the rewards are just okay and they aren’t repeatable in any way. Like if I get the reward for the season I have no reason to play unlimited. Plus they should stop putting XP in unlimited, like the mode is so sweaty, the last thing anyone needs is to play 5 games of Unlimited to get 10 layups with an amethyst for 300 XP.

Bottom line is there needs to be a benefit to grinding besides RNG, and this season it was all RNG, NONE of the grindable cards were elite cards.


Especially disappointing was the hype of mystery locker codes… I mean the idea of hidden locker codes were great, but nothing special came from them.

I would rather 2k give out a guaranteed " UNKNOWN PACK" for every single hidden locker code we found.

Instead we got Standard, Heat Check Packs and other underwhelming packs…


Bring back Creator Codes. Even though the packs weren’t the best, they were at least something.

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Please more evos 2k, we’ve barely gotten any. Pretty sure the last one was the freakin jimmy at the start of the szn. You can update a ton of cards that are super outdated rn:

Pd Brandon Roy
Pd Mikan
amy doug christie
Pd bob love
Pd thurmond
Dia marbury
Amy campy russell
PD amare

So many early cards they could give evos too


Keep Limited restrictions creative and force people to use more random cards. Limited is less fun when people can run all-opal starting squads, that’s the same as Unlimited.


This but also the rewards need to be way more worth it.

No one is using any of the limited rewards except maybe Pau.

Plus you should get a reward for each ring, so if you only get 1 ring you get 1 ring rewards, 2 rings gets you 2 ring and 1 ring, 3 gets you 3, 2, and 1, etc. if I go through the effort of getting 6 rings, my only reward shouldn’t be an outdated card.


Yes I never understood the limited ring rewards system…

2k, it takes 6 weeks of dedication to get 6 rings… why are the player base getting shafted when u can just give everyone all the 6 ring prizes? I mean is it game breaking to give people tokens, deluxe packs and a HoF Badge??


Especially because the HOF badge is usually shit, like you play for five weekends and get rewarded with HOF Off Ball Pest.


2k is in desperate need of a community manager or community team that actually interacts with the community and tells us what the idea was behind shit or why things work certain ways. Like right now we only get the 2KTV in community hub which is worthless, just paid actors pretending to be excited about shit 2K pays them to be excited about, and we have Ronnie2k, but like Ronnie doesn’t really do anything except for use his platform to try and make friends with NBA players.


Make duos actually mean something. The only useful ones have been Bamba/Isaac, Butler/Wiggins, and Battier/Bosh. Since you have had a hard time so far, I’ll give you some ideas:

Moments Lavine and Mystery Vucevic
Opal Pierce and Hero Ray Ray
OOP Webber and Rewards Peja
Opal Millsap and Warped Korver
Season JR and Idols Melo
Warped Shaq and OOP Kobe
Pantheon MJ and Retro Scottie
Token Russell and Inferno Havlicek
Flash Hakeem and Idols Ralph
Moments Murray and Hero Jokic
Retro Rose and Flash Jimmy

See 2k? It’s not that hard


The only thing anyone in this game WANTS is cards. Tokens …meh, nothing to spend them on. MT…meh, if you’re a millionaire it is meaningless and if not, well, it’s easier to make money playing auction house. Just cards. We want cards for our effort.

Also, why are we only allowed 20 contracts and 1 of each player card? In mlb, you can accumulate 10 of the same card and stockpile them for trade ins. The contract system is annoying enough but the fact that I have to store my extras in the AH or unopened pack window is dumb.

I get all of these OO rubies that I could save for next season exchanges but there is no where to store them so I just have to sell them.

I mean, I know, the whole system is rigged to get us to buy packs.

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You have a good point, definitely need to expand the auction house slots… especially towards end of year when everyone has thousands of cards… 50 slots is not enough storage space for auction house.

Sorry, 2k devs aren’t going to read this. They are going to do what they want.


Well they do roam the forums, whether they take anything out of it is up to them.