Season 6 courtside report: Level 40 Josh Giddey

Thank you

I was searching for the game in Clutch Time for like 5mins and nothing, I went out of the MyTeam to menus and back, when I returned I have two losses, wtf…and they are not counted in the record

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This happens to me all of the time. It is crazy that 2K has not fixed this.

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As I told my wife, I was finally going to finish my fucking term paper tonight.

Feel like I could have learned a new foreign language in the time I spent attaining a fucking Backstreet Boy in NBA 2K.


Congrats mate!! Epic grind DONE

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Congratulations! The good thing is that Giddey actually is still good. If it was the opal AI they had done earlier, you would have really upset.

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I played Giddey in a TTOff game just to get a feel. Not sure how impressed by him, but I guess especially for NMS, it’s nice to have a free PG of his height, and he really is legit as far as playmaking and defense badging go.

And then I played one of those 50pt TT Challenges with Chauncey, Dray, and Big Ben. Still love the Chauncey and Ben Duo.

Giddey is a really great playmaker and defender, and I have no intention of taking him out of my Clutch Time lineup (alongside a badged up Luka). But if you want to really take full advantage of Giddey, his Shot Creator skills are awesome with stepbacks and the sorts. And if you get the HOF Brick Wall (or just put Gold Brick Wall) from the HOF Packs this season, he can be the go-to defender for the Magic/Simmons/whatever big PG they release.

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Yeah, seems like a pretty nice free giveaway to let NMS players have someone to stand up to Magic and Simmons.

And I did end up getting the HoF Brick Wall, in large part due to @Amar’s advice.

We can expect another DM Klay, right? Contemplating selling my GO version with 28 HOFs.

Yeah he’ll get an invincible at some point but no idea when. Could still be a while away


Might just stay on this one until then, even though I barely use him nowadays. Doubt he will fetch me a corresponding price.

Does Giddey feel sluggish on next gen or is it just me?

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Fixed it for you.

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No not at all. He attacks the basket with Shaq force

After having Josh Giddey for some time I went ahead and did the level 40 challenge for 100 tokens, it didn’t go terribly at all.

This was my cheeky lineup to accomplish it.

The trick for rebounds with a guard is to go into defensive matchups and assign the guard to defend all centers

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I used OOP Boykin at center with Tucker at PF and matched Giddey with the center. Much easier than I thought and well worth it.

Yes, exactly what I did.

Got him. This lineup was awesome this season, went 108-13 in total to get Worthy. Curry, PG24, Kareem played all season, Klay/Erving at SG and Kenyon Martin/Isaac at PF featured before Tatum and Dray.