Season 6 courtside report: Level 40 Josh Giddey

Worthy, Giddey sound so good

And that HOF badges pack would be great if not at 4000. :smiley: rich get richer

Btw what’s the point of having those featured players for the season (DWade S4, KD S5, Tatum S6) when they are nowhere to be found in rewards or promos?

Yeah everyone was expecting KD, just sets up false hope.

Token rewards is Mutumbo! Good news for everyone who saved their tokens!! First time ever am I looking forward to the token reward. I just hope he can play both C and PF.


Could it be advertising for the upcoming season? To keep people hyped and waiting? Wade was shown in S4 but we got him in S5. Maybe we’ll get KD this season and Tatum next.

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Gonna sell that Shaq to get him, I guess

Literally my train of thought

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Only thing that makes sense to me.

I would. My guess is that Shaq will really tank soon.

Especially since I ain’t even using him lol.

Remember that PD Mutombo as a token reward was really good in 2k19, can’t wait!

I still have fond memories of the glitched DM Mutumbo from last year. That card was amazing at everything. I used him until DM Yao came around.

Sweeet. Sounds like I’ll be running Mutombo and Ralph. Yao finally gonna be benched

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Just hope Mutumbo can play PF. I am hoping a Mutumbo/Gilmore combo scares a few opponents.


I’m leaning towards selling Shaq and running a C/PF combo hopefully of Sampson and Mutumbo if he has PF eligibility. Maybe even pick up Shaq again later if his price drops.

Yao doesn’t make my team anymore. His height and cheese is great, but Sampson does it better and quicker with that tall, long lanky build. Especially on next gen.

So…we are getting Opal token reward too right

Man I hope they update the exchange market. I have a McDaniel, Reggie, and Alston just sitting there

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I have endorsed Giddey cards all year. Gonna be a tough choice between him Jordan and Luka

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I was about to lock in for Gilmore but held out to get Mutombo next season. Should I get both?