Season 5

Looks like Season 5 is about to start. While we do not need another SG/SF, I really like Herro’s card before and it seems like a good DM reward card. Glad they are going to change reward cards back to the prior years instead of doing re-runs or a chance to just get cards we can get through agendas. Not sure what to make of the new Limited. Either it will be really good or really bad. Will see.


Herro is PG eligible yeah?

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Noob question…what is the mystery card to lock in westbrook ?

The last card should be another mural piece challenge released tomorrow at 11am est.


Last of the murals it will be.

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Ty bro i was like wtf is this last card haha

Predictions. DM Shaq DM Kobe opal Rudy Gay Opal opal opal devin booker opal George mureshan or pd Thon Maker. Pd baron davis pd Al Horford pd Kyle Korver. Diamond Kuminga Diamond Andrew Bogut.

Tomorrow is DM Drob and Tmac and GO AI


Mike Bantom / Billy Knight duo looks really good, too bad that’s getting them is pure luck
Knight is a vault reward in TT offline
Bantom is a tier 3 reward in TT online

I was only a week off for 2

Does anyone know the HOF badge choices at Level 38 this season?

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Thank you very much, appreciate it

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Just cross-checked all these against my 26 HOF Penny, lol, and none of them will go on the last 12 I need…oh well:)