Season 5 Token Rewards Predictions

Really curious what you guys think could be in the pink diamond and opal tiers.
It will probably be someone that isn’t a pack seller and gets that same rewards treatment every year in myteam

Opal bamba


Opals: Penny Hardaway Shawn Kemp Julius Erving

PDs: Serge Ibaka Tim Hardaway And Steve Nash

Edit: Also maybe a Dirk or a Pippen


DIRK!!! Please, Opal, juiced AF


What are the odds any of the PD’s or GO’s are usable through the whole season?

if they make dirk he better not be quick Lmao

The current GO rewards are very usable.
Payton was top tier for the whole season.
Russell has everything besides 3pt and shooting badges. If you can get used to him he is a monster.
Barry is very solid with one of the fastest releases in the game.

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Don’t you say that! I want him to be similar to Idols AD in speed and defence, quick release and I’ll be soooo happy

Nah they did kristops dirty he can have the same speed as kristops

marcgasol type of speed lmao

If they can make a Kevin McHale Opal fast then they can do my boy Dirk

Need some juiced PD’s, preferably in SG/SF position. I would love to see Ariza, Nick Anderson or Maggette get one

they can give him yao ming treatment lmao

most likely he would be quick not gonna lie hes dirk

I wanna see a 2k19 opal d rob token card.

Maybe that might be overdoing it with the retro cards though

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Bobby Jones is still usable.


Jerry West

I redeemed him for XP and hes literally one of the worst offensive cards Ive used but damn he can he defend. I always like him early in the cycle. Ill see if he can make my last 3 as a defensive specialist after the season 5 drop hits.

Rudy gay to fuck with the terry grinders


True about the offense. He is fast enough to finish the break for me. That’s about it. Just stick him on whatever player I’m worried about and he’ll get me a couple of blocks and steals.