Season 5 Teams

lol, and now to 28 HOF badges with Volume Shooter from a Deluxe Shooting badge pack from an Exhibition reward:)

He is going up again after being out of vaults. Sold for 100 :muscle::muscle:



29 cards to Gervin. maybe I’ll be able to get him by the end of the week. or maybe not.

anyhow. I really want to get the new Kareem. 400k for Hill, 400k for Oden, 150k for Jimmer…
there’s only one tiny flaw in this otherwise flawless plan - people don’t want to sell Oden for 400k
so maybe I’ll have to sell D-Rob. I’d rather sell Yao instead, but Yao is locked. I don’t know why I locked his set for a measly 250k tokens. actually, I do know why - because I’m an idiot.

sell D-Rob and play with KP/Moses at the 4, Kareem/Oden (Yao) at the 5? or maybe KP/Kareem at the 4, Oden/Yao at the 5? or try to save D-Rob?

upd: got Hill and Oden for 400k apiece, but had to pay 300k for Jimmer, now I have 4k left to finish the set :joy:

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Gggrrrrr… so annoyed. Finished work this morning, thought I had another day to finish my last 2 games of Moments of the week for a HOF badge. Expired.

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11 cards to Gervin.

So. Kareem’s set (on PC):

  1. Jimmer ~ 300k

  2. Grant Hill ~ 400k

  3. Oden ~ 400k

  4. Hansbrough ~ 50k

  5. Laettner ~ 44k

  6. Kemba ~ 20k

  7. JJ Redick ~ 24k

  8. Murray ~ 6k

  9. Manning ~ 4k

  10. Brogdon ~ 3k

  11. Fizer ~ 5k

  12. McLemore ~ 3k

  13. Williams ~ 3k

Total: 1,262,000 MT

I mean, it’s possible to get Kareem on PC for that price, but not without luck. Say, Oden’s regular price is 600+ and I managed to get one for 400 somehow


They brought it back. Worthless though as none of the badges went on my Penny. Oh well.

Bracket Busters will easily get you there now with 35 available plus those 11 needed to the next Reward as well now.

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Massive W!!! Can’t believe it!

Limited HOF badge rewarded me with Giant Slayer. Allowed my Amethyst Penny to go to 29 HOFs. Getting there.


Hardly played for 2 weeks. Just daily logins, challenges for packs, weekly challenges for packs and moments for HOF badge.

Go Magic for 100k. Draymond from challenge pack.
Rudy and Paolo are 2 of my fav players so bought them.
Have Steph on the bench if I need a few quick 3s. Russ if the opponents are not using big PGs (Russ is perfect size against any PG 6”4 and under. Amazing slashing)

1 more division for KG and comes in for Timmy I guess. I like Yi and my AD has 28 HOFs.

Cannot see myself upgrading my PGs until DM Penny (another fav player). My SGs are perfect, Dr J still holds his own fine, SF same with Rudy/Paolo.
If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

Only really looking to snag a Yao/Shaq/next giant C to round out the team.

1530 player cards so prob get Don Nelson this week.

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Holo Amethyst Penny now sitting at 30 HOF badges after Middy Magician from Limited. 8 more to max him out. I’m going to keep, but what do others think he could potentially get from the AH? Dark Matters start at 30 HOF’s I’m pretty sure don’t they?

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Amazing card. Hate to say it, but I think it will only go for around 150-200k. Last season OOP Ruby Sabonis was one of the hot lower tiered card and I was able to get one with 19 extra HOF badges for only 79 K (which I then add more HOF badges and had a blast with). This weekend was great for finding cards that I love using with extra HOF badges. However, unless they were the top cards that everyone uses on their unlimited team, I often found myself only paying 4K (or less) for each extra GOOD HOF badge.
Putting HOF badges on lower tiered cards will not maximize profit but will maximize fun. These cards are much more fun to use than the DM card where a few extra HOF badges are added.