Season 5 spotlight?

Are there spotlights again this season? With a lock in like Marion?

I don’t think there was any mention of it in the season kick off blog

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There are only “hero card” grinds i guess.

i was counting on these challenges to grind xp lol
the 4 min quarter pro games are actully quite good if you doing xp for bad cards

Evo 97 GO Pippen that turn into a 98 GO :nerd_face:
Did not grind for Rafer , Vlade or Marion(cause of his shoot , every year i got hyped and screwed) but for a good Pip i would :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

They have done spotlights for the last few seasons, I don’t see why not this season

I think Pippen was leaked as part of Golden age set of Heroes coming some time this season so I would bet that he would be an Opal or a REALLY juiced PD

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I think the lock in involves grinding players like Arenas and Gervin, but also some auctionable cards like Shaq.

The prices for the non-free cards will be astronomical


That would be kinda bullshit if they didn’t have spotlights

Fingers crossed we get something today!

blog had no mention of it. I think it’s been replaced with the golden age cards

I don’t think they’ll have the same Spotlights thing this season. I can see them have spotlights for heroes cards as part of lock-in. This season is the biggest money grab they’ve had with that comics set; it’s also a way to make you play modes you don’t want to play. After screwing us all with the Dentist grind last season, they are just kicking us while we are on the ground. A lot of their crap this season makes no sense - like 2 duplicate cards worth the quantum/heroes set and not allowing them both to count for XP. Money grab city.


I don’t think there will be spotlights; but now the question is: will there be Tuesday packs this season??? Yes or no? We will find out.

Yeah I really need those 50-70 point Triple Threat Spotlights for grinding XP. Way more efficient than full games.


If 2k don’t do Tuesday packs for an entire season, there will be riots lmao

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Agreed :joy:. I really think 2K will drop packs, but what will they lock for??? I’m just curious

I say bring back Buzzer Beater packs tbh

If it involves a cash grab then you know 2K will do it. There’s no way they’ll only drop one new pack per week.

maybe all-stars packs (because of the new season picture)?

There should be. But not sure how that’ll work.

IMO 2k should have removed those shitty moment cards and drop Moments of the week this season.