Season 5 is here boys


Just checked out that Lance Stephenson Power Within card. That’s too much fucking power!

…Time to tune up the air guitar


So is Alex English the first DM token reward?

As good as Lance’s card looks…there’s a Bol Bol Zombie Island card


Bol Bol and Bonga!! Have been waiting for these cards!!
I really liked Bol Bol’s Ruby card but glad to see this upgraded version. Bonga is here just in time for limited.

We’re there any new Token rewards?

New token rewards

Opal Marc Gasol
PD Sean Elliot
Diamond Jerome Kersey
Amethyst Ronnie Brewer
Ruby Jamario Moon

Collector level

Cade and Steven Adams are comically bad. I was trying to figure out what ethnicity of Asian 1980s movie gangster Steven Adams looked like…

…then I saw Cade’s picture and forgot everything, the laughter just rolling out uncontrollably

Malone is reward for what? Always liked his cards.

Not sure. Him and English just say Collector reward

Yo we get Fox for free

Free cause he scammed the people on NFTs? :smiley:


New Collector rewards. Gotta have the 3000+ cards to get them

He did? This is why I love this site. I learn something new everyday!!

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Sacramento Kings player De’Aaron Fox announced his “SwipaTheFox” NFT project in mid-December, and the “high utility NFT collection” went live on January 15. The project roadmap promised a metaverse basketball court, a scholarship to a University of Kentucky student, and chances to win all-star gaming tickets, as well as “much more to come”. The project had over 100,000 people in its Discord, and pulled in about 475 ETH (about $1.5 million at the time).
Suddenly, on February 23, the project deleted its social media accounts and most of its Discord. Fox wrote in the remaining Discord announcements channel that “The time and attention that y’all deserve and that I wanted to give you all/what this project requires, was not known to me and I overstepped and stretched myself too thin, trying to do this project in the middle of an NBA season.” He promised to send anyone who bought more than five NFTs (which would have cost ~0.4 ETH, around $1,300, if bought at mint price) a signed jersey (thanks I guess!). Meanwhile, Fox made no apparent effort to communicate publicly that the project was shutting down, such as on his personal 288,000-follower Twitter account where he had previously been hyping the project.

Has anyone tried Bol Bol yet? How much is he going for? If he is like last year, might be willing to use my son’s college fund.

Wow. I cannot believe I had not heard about that before.

Happened yesterday, so you probably just missed it.

Wonder if it was a coincidence that it was released during the Russian invasion.