Season 4

This looks really exciting. Limited will not be limited to the weekend and the Lunar Takeover prize of Yi is really great. Only problem is level 40 Zach Levine. Not really excited about that.


Hope this isn’t to far off topic but lvl 40 mycareer reward is a warp drone? Kinda underwhelming since this seasons reward was core badge patterns. I played mycareer to lvl 40 this season and got around fine using the subway and my Jordan’s

Same. Zach Lavigne is not it but this grind to lvl 40 is as easy as never before and at least it is an upgrade to Ice Trae. :joy:

Limited not only on weekends sounds interesting. That was a wish from the community so props to 2k that it will be implemented now. Lets see how long it takes to find games. And I hope they will not turn down the appearances of the ring.

wonder what they mean by

“In Season 4, all of the Event Cards that make up the Trophy Case will be available to be completed directly from Agendas.”

I am especially curious about Centerpieces of course - maybe this means that agenda rewards will include 13 cards option packs (including a Centerpiece), like those awarded for completing the ornament balls sets?

Or possibly team agendas to remove some rng?

Weekly moments reward is another option pack like last week so hopefully they at least ramp up that way on centerpieces.

So, just to show how invested and even more stupid and lazy 2k is, I’m playing the Marion Lunar agendas from work using Remote Play and just noticed that the win 7 TT or TTO matches is also counting if you play Challenges. I’m playing the three point challenge fundamental one and getting the wins for it.


Yeah same thing happening with the Lunar New Year agendas.

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What you guys think about the rewards in limited now especially the grand prize?

I would rather see a unique player card or option pack to pick player cards than a 20 pack box. Everthing in that box I can purchase from the auction house already or open packs myself. So nothing new. On top by the time you open the box in about 6 weeks the cards will be mediocre if not outdated. If you even pull anything…

Some of the prices on the way are pretty good though imo, 100 tokes, HOF badge, 35k MT.

Totally agree. Mediocre top price. The rest is ok. Limited has become quite lame sadly


I’m still doing TT games. Gonna need some Mavericks trophy case pieces anyways so I might as well work for them while I’m at it. I’ve got only 2 teams that I need a bit more pieces than just the CP and dom wins for - Mavs and Grizzlies. So I’m just implementing some of their trophy agendas in some other challenges and maybe I’ll get them done at some point.

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If only lmao

How do you remote play 2K? The screen works fine?

With an Xbox, you can always connect remotely through their app after setting it up. Gets much better, though, when they add the game to Xbox gamepass.

It’s crazy I was super excited for this season, I had saved up more MT and tokens than I’ve ever had on console. Then boom, 2K drops the worst season we have ever had since they started the seasons concept.

No new rewards. Every card you can earn is from a previous season and almost all of them are a BIN. I thought they would make the trophy case grind easier or put the pieces in the token market. Instead they made it harder than ever. Forcing you to heavily grind way against the CPU then making you to take theme teams where your best cards are outdated PDs into unlimited against most players who have full meta PD/Opal lineups and win 3 times. Honestly that shit deserves 5 centerpieces on it’s own.

They made Limited a full time mode, which I understand helps some people with more restricted schedules but I’m seeing guys say they are 30+ wins in without even seeing the ring so what did that really solve? They also nerfed the rewards since you don’t even get the option pack anymore. But hey at least you can get more useless tokens and mediocre HOF badges. They even nerfed the HOF badge exchanges as if they were actually giving out any of the good meta badges to begin with.

But the biggest issue by far is how they absolutely destroyed the competitive nature of this game with whatever changes they have made to the sliders over the last few weeks. We went from green or miss to 50%+ contested whites dropping multiple times a game. It was bad enough that mashing was broken, but now you don’t even need skill to shoot. I played this game faithfully for at least a couple hours a day since it came out, but I haven’t gotten a Friday login reward since the middle of last season. They launched a truly great product (with some flaws) and it has turned into a pointless grind fest. We haven’t even gotten the truly broken cards that usually ruin the mode yet. Who is going to want to play on what feels like rookie sliders once we get Ben Simmons/Giannis/Yao cards that can shoot when you don’t even need to green? This shit is sad because I don’t play any game as much as I play 2K.


No, not really that well due to lag. I don’t play online games, just use player lock on my SG and set teams up for agendas to do themselves the best I can. I made a whole Mavs team, go into a Challenge and let it run for 48 minutes hopefully. Got the 22 rebounds for that plus got some trophy pieces along with it which are worthless now as I have all the West.

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This happens EVERY single year though, so they’re shouldn’t be a surprise.

You’re not wrong about the gameplay though. I took a very long break from Myteam, hadn’t played since 2k20. But i decided to try out season 3 due to being bored of PNO. Worst decision ever. 2k promotes some pretty shitty basketball with how they allow this mode to turnout every year.

I’m through defending 5 out drive & kicks. What a boring ass concept. It’s meta, it works, but it doesn’t make it any less shitty to play against every single game.


Same here. I’ve got over 2 million MT with a solid team, only need 1 point guard. Almost 2000 tokens. And there’s really nothing to spend it on. I haven’t played online yet this season but played up to 16000 points in unlimited in the previous one. So I can’t really comment on the gameplay changes online but I should feel them once I get to it. I’ve been knocking out some agendas and I can tell you smth has changed. Gold cards are draining early release threes on me on pro difficulty. So it seems they’re at it again. Easier difficulty also makes it easier for the CPU to hit shitty releases. The absolute opposite to what an easier difficulty should mean.


I said multiple places that 2k22 and the last 2 or 3 seasons of that were sheer laziness on 2k’s behalf. Everyone kept bagging on me saying they always do that amd they were putting their effort into 2k23. Well, they’ve carried on what was a poor last few seasons in 2k22 and still somehow made it nearly as bad content wise.


true but it has consistently come after the allstar break. this is about a month earlier than usual

It’s like NO point guards in this game. Don Ohl and (insert random PG) for me at this point. Praying for that first PG Ben “God” Simmons

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