Season 4 teams

Only have 8 CP left to get Dr J. Have 1 in unopened packs from moments week 11 and enough tokens to 4. So 3 more CP via agendas / Tokens and I’m there.

Lavine will come in and prob move Clyde to the bench.

I’m thinking of grabbing PD Giannis, honestly I’m comfortable with my team and win enough to not feel the need to blow all my MT ‘upgrading’ to the latest Opals. I had Cazzie and he is great but not 100K greater than Clyde, same with Don Ohl and Westbrook, Zion and AD etc. All the top tier cards (Flash Forward opals, Zion, Tatum, Ja) are better than my cards for sure, but once you are confident with a card and it’s still great, why blow 150k per position just because a newer card has come out? Unless it’s a clear upgrade like Yao would be, I’m content atm.

I’ll just keep stacking MT and hoping the trophy case cards get an update.

Obviously want Yao but hoping his price decreases.


no sir :smile:

unfortunately, this trick doesn’t work in certain challenges, like this one:

you really have to hit those 3-pointers with McConnell. he a decent shooter, so it was easy, but I remember the Myles Turner challenge - make 7 threes in a game with a Series 1 Turner (61 3pt shot) - that wasn’t pretty

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Is buying a base Yao and badging him to 30+HOFS the go right now? Could nearly give him everything

Big O has to come put soon.

There must be a tall PG coming Friday

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Finally got Tim Thomas (hit 6000 points in unlimited). Haven’t used him yet. It seems I’m gonna have to send Isaac to the auction block because I don’t have room for him unfortunately. Have to keep Ralph there to counter Yao to an extent. I have 2.3 million MT but don’t really want to go for anyone. Maybe Cazzie and Dischinger to upgrade my bench 2 and 3…


Have ran into a few Yao’s now, either he isn’t as great as his card states (unlikely) or they nerfed mashing/inside scoring hard (likely). Ralph holds Yao in place fine and gets his own too. Sabonis does as well but can be exploited by Yao’s speed if the opponent runs a lot of fast breaks. New appreciation for Ralph and giving my badged up Sabonis a new life (I don’t feel like I wasted HOF anchor on him anymore)

Moved Jimmy to backup 2 as the lock off the bench and put in Cinci, the man is a bucket. Best value card in the game imo.

Backup PF is my only real spot I’m sorting out. Currently rotating GO Kemp, Bam and PD Dwight, looking forward to seeing how Yi fits this week.

Ralph is the only one who can stop him. HOF Anchor is the most valuable badge on a big. Anyone else gets demolished by my Yao tho. Shaq is too small (ironic) so he gets abused by HOF Masher. Same for DRob and Dwight

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Yeah Ralph more than holds his own. Honestly I don’t feel at a disadvantage most matchups.

The very skilled users torch me, as they should and most likely would with any card but after hearing the Yao hype (his card I step above any other card in the game) and putting Ralph in, I’m fine.

Of course I want Yao, best card in the game but having a free PD that wasn’t get much use instantly become so important feels good.


And then there’s me, the whale that uses both Yao and Ralph to stop other Yaos :rofl:

Waiting on that Opal Manute Bol :smirk:

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Ralph is perfect for yao because masher is most dominant when the player is 4 inches shorter.

I don’t have Ralph but Mutombo is also ok against Yaos

looking to add new Harden and Carter when their price drops a little bit