Season 4 ascension

Anyone gotten walton yet?
If so, where?

I haven’t but I saw someone get him on the first square of the final board

Done 2. Haven’t made the top board yet.

Are you able to edit the title to season 4?


Got him on rows 3 columns 4

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2 ascs. Got to top board with only 2 picks in both but no Walton :sob:

Yo, 4th time (level 22) treated me nice. Got Walton and 3 packs. :pray:t3:



What spot you get him?

Last row on the right. Third card from the bottom.

Level 19 ascension - forst board first pick I got the level up. Next board, first pick level up. Five picks at the top and on the second pick got a connection error.

Retried it and got a bronze shoe, 2 tokens and about 600MT

Shot 2k

Level 11… first board pick 6, second board pick 15, final board pick 1…


Struck out on the top board 3 times now

last pick.


Done up to the lvl 22 board so far, nothing

Will get to 26 soon-ish, man it’d be nice to get an Asencion prize just once (even if they don’t come close to my main squad ahaha)

Lol. 2k player engagement algorithms coming in clutch. Just started playing a week ago looking to get up to Batum and just pulled Bill. Final pick and it was located in the 1st slot. Very top left.

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I got one on 5 picks

Anyone know where he is atm on ps5?

I got mine on lvl 11 with my final pick I wasn’t even paying attention when I did it. So idk where.
But honestly cards pretty meh but he’ll be cool to run for an all time Blazers squad later in the year

On Level 22, my Bill was in this spot (purple circle).


I got Walton on 22 with my final pick last night