Season 3 Tip Off Leak? (Confirmed Concept))

Original tweet:


Kawhi and MJ from unlimited and season XP would be Ws.

Looks almost too good to be true.


Hell yeah the redeem team is back (possibly?)

That opal Mitch would go nuts

Kind of makes sense to drop this sort of fire for this season, they want all of the next gen dudes to be hype and start spending lol.


Jordan opal coming home :pray:

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@Kobe6Rings Man now i have to do this XP grind for MJ if this is real lol


If Jordan is season award 2k would make so much money


Limited: Opal Rashard Lewis
Legacy Theme Challenges ? : Amy Wade
Unlimited: Opal Kawhi
Season Reward: Opal Jordan

Opal Mitch? And some other stuff hope its true.

No doubt about it.

Actually too many opals

I think they mentioned MJ in a weird way in their blog when speaking about season. I could very well be real

Seems real content creators posting it too

I think the legacy theme challenges are like the season 1 Lillard spotlight and the Vince cater career challenge when we got his emerald

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Oh wow and it’s Amy? He might be nice :eyes:

Yeah I can’t tell from the picture but I hope he’s a pg/sg

Seems too good to be true but would be a huge W

Could be cap though. This looks too good to be true.

let’s not get excited and wait for Diego the prophet