Season 3 Teams

pretty satisfied with my nms squad, and coincidentally was able to make a decent bulls squad (don’t have pd lonzo, diamond lavine, and diamond rodman)


I can’t decide who to run at PF. I have PD Blake, Jermaine, Antawn, Mourning, Larry Johnson. Diamond Kemp, Manning, OG. Leaning towards running Manning and maybe picking up diamond Giannis.

giannis for defense, kemp for offense, jermaine does both.

NMS, got donated 1m MT from a kind redditor though. Have spend 180k on Magic, 180ish on Hakeem and 120 on PG.

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Really? You got PG for 120? Why didn’t I just wait a bit. Paid 300k for him and I don’t have a ton of MT.

This is the squad im running with to start season 3 and im pretty confident in it!


I absolutely love the way Giannis plays for me. He gets a ton of blocks and boards, and is an absolute dog on D. I dont run my offense through him, but i find he ends up with 10-15 per game just from being a bull dog down low, and burning bigger slower PF’s off the dribble

damn, ur squad is very nice, bit undersized, i would grab pd kareem.

Here’s mine. Haven’t even really used that team. Been doing CT, TTO and offline stuff lately. One centerpiece away from Arenas, he’ll probably replace Rose.

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I play AD at the 5 as well and Brand at the 4. Shouldnt be much of an issue. Allen as a back up works well for me too. Last season i only had reward players and still won 70-75% of my games…

On PC…


Got Artest for 100k on bid. All the badges were upgraded to max gold which was a nice surprise.
Got my Magic for 65k and Porzingis for 30k.
Seriously being in Australia where peak time is dead of night for US makes getting. Bid snipes in the AH much easier. PD Magic, PD Artest, D Zinger all for under 200k MT

Added them as I was just sitting on MT using all OO/Reward cards, still NMS with a nice bank built up. Obviously I have grinded a silly amount of hours but I enjoy the game, the grind, the collection, the gameplay. It’s not perfect but suits me as a non comp online player who enjoys offline.

Badged up my AD. Super happy with him.

Pretty much now deciding whether to finish the West for Timmy or go grab Jimmy.


Lol I was wondering how you keep getting these crazy low bid prices. Thought you were gas lighting for a minute but it’s the timezone!

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Nah dude. Just dumb luck.

Artest I saw while scrolling last night and thought I’ll put a bid at 100k. It won.

I have been looking to get Zinger and put 2 bids on at 50050 on 2 cards ending 15 secs apart. One was outbidded. The second was won with 20250 MT refund. So cost 29800.

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That is exactly what I usually do. If you can find several in a row, it is not unusual to get one for a really good price if you bid on each. Porzingas card is becoming one of my favorites. Like him better than Sabonis (although also use the free Embiid as my back up ahead of Sabonis now). Hope to get that Opal Davis soon. Need 4 center pieces still, but that does not seem as difficult to get this season.

go for tim duncan. i have jimmy and he isn’t that much better than ron artest. artest is better shooter than jimmy. But jimmy is an absolute LOCK. he shuts any player down, better than payton.


nice team, centers are undersized imo, but overall really nice squad.

hows cp3 compared to payton

I haven’t used Payton but I mainly play offline. I’ve heard great things about him though