Season 3 Superpacks are out

For those who open packs

pic taken from jd crossover twitter


Or snipe :rofl:


W gonna play mycareer to get some VC. Not paying 2K for this, unless if Dort is in packs

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Hopefully no Kobes are pulled and his price goes up.

for sure banderas

Watch kobe going to still be hard to pull.:joy:

odds are going to be awful as usual so you should be good


You dont have to worry , he want get pulled that much dealing with 2k odds. Kd need to get pulled more since he so high. He making the set expensive to get webber


We’ve had super packs every season and cards have held value, like Zion, KD, even Stockton for a long time. I think Kobe will stay high for a while. I go back and forth on whether to keep or sell. Keep or sell. Keep or sell?!

I almost feel emotionally obligated to keep him :cold_sweat:

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i’d keep him if i managed to get him lol but yeah his price is going to be high until 2k decides to give us a locker code or something. the 1st anniversary of his death is comin soon :sob: so 2k might do something cool to honor his memory

Guaranteed player from prior season 3 releases… meaning you’re guaranteed a duplicate Sapphire Jordan Clarkson or Matt Barnes. :sweat_smile:

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Just like I was with pd giannis. He was so good I didnt want to let him go and this pd magic getting that way to. He taller then all the pg and can post hook them in the post and with catch and shoot in the mid range is deadly

its taking all of my willpower not to buy these packs. I got my ps5 yesterday and have 100k free VC available, waiting for Friday


I’ve given up on a good market crash lol smh. I bought a diamond Kyrie just to hold me down in TTO for now lol.

I dont buy VC.
So I opened one Icons pack.
Got PD Magic. Lol



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Exactly what I said when I saw the pink glow and shaking screen. Wanted Larry but thrilled to get Magic. My alltime fav player


you get youre all time favorite player and dort doesn’t even get a card smh


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Still have my 100k preorder VC… Thinking about getting the 10 pack box, 36 base league packs or hold it lmao