Season 3 prediction

Post your prediction of season 3 in MyTeam!!

I think season three reward will be Opal D Wade.



Probably some SF

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Who would be your choice xp reward for season 3?
Season 3 predictions/ rumors
Season 3 Level 40 XP Reward Speculation
MyTeam Season 3 Teaser? Michael Jordan level 40 reward?
Mental how no one can use the search bar :joy:


I’ve seen this same thread topic 3+ times this week


No one uses the search bar clearly, I thought the same thing searched season 3 and all those came up there was more but cba tagging them all

Arvydas Sabonis pink evo opal

it will be his 4th card already tho
but on the other hand he is out for the season again so they dont need to worry about dropping moments for him

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How many seasons will 2k21 have? 6?

Learn something new everyday lmao how mental

Jeremy Lin

Opal SZN.

I think it might be an opal Denver Melo or Spurs Kawhi.

Dont take my mental joke

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When did the trailer come out last season ?

Opal Jordan.

I’ll be so triggered if it is, I wish he was the unlimited reward if he’s any reward because I won’t get the season xp reward

I think the reward will be an Opal

For the grind it is it sure should be